Thursday, September 24, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!

I realise that my posts tend to roll around, with no specific direction; covering an eclectic mix of subjects like:
The question is, what now?  Do I pick a specific subject to concentrate on, or should I continue as I am, just writing about the 'stuff I do and like'?

I find the world of blogs fascinating; there are blogs for everything; technology, sport, finance, cooking, movies, and everything in-between.

I could join the fray, but I'm not master of one - more a little knowledge about a lot.
So, I've made up my mind, and I'm going to continue the way I am - moving around, keeping you on your toes!

Therefore, my next subject will be films. Or movies. Call them what you will.

There is something magical (no matter how cliched) about movies.  That feeling, when sitting in the cinema, of the anticipation of what I'm about to watch.

In my next post I'll write about some of the films that have had an impact on me, and others that I wish I just hadn't bothered.

It's truly subjective, and I'm sure we'll disagree on some.  Don't judge me by my taste in films (but I'll tell you now, I don't like horror).

So, to borrow that well used phrase; "See you at the movies"

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Sarah said...

I'll get the popcorn ready!


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