Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Novel Approach

Being an avid reader, I thought I'd spend a couple of posts writing about books and what I like to read.

I'm sure it's no surprise to you ladies, that us men treat the 'smallest room' as a library! Indeed, in the bathroom, there is even a magazine rack above the toilet!!

Alright, so we're not talking magazines, but I did say I like to read.

It's books that are a passion. Allow me to explain.

When I was younger, like any child, I hated shopping. To be dragged around the shops was tantamount to child abuse! Why couldn't I stay at home and do what I wanted to do? Why do I need clothes?

Then, one day, whilst in WHSmith (I think that was the main place to buy books back then), I started to look at the books.
I even remember my first 'grown up' book.  It was Agatha Christie's "The Man In The Brown Suit".  Don't ask me how I remember it, I just do.
I was hooked.

Fast-forward 20/30 years(!!!) and books are everywhere in the house. Shelves positively creak under the weight of all that paper.

Favourite, well read, well thumbed, novels mix company with business and educational books.
From spy thrillers to murder mystery. Biographies to travel books.

In this age of the internet, it's easy to be swept up in digital purchasing. However, you can't beat a visit to a bookstore.

Take a wet Saturday afternoon, and head to a store near you.

There is a Borders near where I live. It's almost a second home! I could spend hours browsing the shelves, looking for the next great read.

The staff are quite knowledgable too. I've sometimes asked for inspiration based on previous reads; and they've offered quite good recommendations.

I'm trying to instil the same ethos in my children. If they want toys they can wait. If they want a book, I have no hesitation in buying.

The feel of a new book. The smell of the fresh print. I don't mind whether its hardback or paperback.

I'm feeling all nostalgic now; in fact I just want to curl up with a book. To immerse myself in the story. Whether it's a crime / thriller, comedy or travelog. It matters not one jot.

The latest novel from Dan Brown was released yesterday; I ordered it via Amazon (OK, not from a store this time) and it was deliverered last night.

I find there's always pressure on an author who has garnered international recognition; and in Dan Brown's case, courted controversy at the same time. 
So, as I begin to read it, I'm hoping that it hits the mark, and is every bit as good as the hype that's gone before has suggested.

Whatever the outcome, the feel of the cover, the smell of the pages, the anticipation of the story inside, means I will savour the time spent with my new 'friend'.

In my next post I will talk about some of my favourite books.

You obviously like reading, since you're reading this.  So tell me, what books interest you?  Who's your favourite author?

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Sarah said...

I love that feeling of getting a new book, the excitement of reading the first page, the smell of the pages...

I have just myself ordered the new Dan Brown book and hope like you it is as good as the hype suggests.

Like you I see books as a new friend and sometimes they become best friends (my favourite books), to which I have probably too many to list here but here are a few of my "best friends";

Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

As for a favourite author I have many, obviously Dan Brown books and I have read all the Jodi Picoult books. But I like to change to different authors, a different style of writing I guess is what keeps me intrigued into wider reading.

Have you ever had a look at the books in a charity shop? I often take a look and see all the wonders others have obviously read and decided to give away. They maybe don't have that "new" smell but I love the thought that "what is someone's rubbish is another's treasure".

I'm looking forward to reading about your favourite books and most likely reading them myself.


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