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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another random blog....

I've been very lax lately.  Much going on and even though I spend evenings in front of the TV, I haven't actually got around to writing anything.
Well, nothing of any importance.  As if anything written on here is important!!

So, what is so unimportant that I'm going to commit it to the digital ether?

Formula 1?  The season is almost upon us (I'm so excited), and the teams will be launching their new cars later this week.  Maybe I can tackle that?  No...

Great television programmes?  The thing is; whilst the magic box is switched on every night, there is nothing worth writing about.
Oh, there's the new series of 24, which has just started on Sky (and in HD it looks spectacular).
There's also Lark Rise to Candleford, Hustle, not forgetting the soaps of EastEnders and Corrie...  such a mish-mash of televisual tastes; it really depends on the mood.

So, Formula 1 and television is out.  Films is another subject I like to write about, but I haven't seen anything to tell you about; although I still want to see "Sherlock Holmes" and also the latest George Clooney - "Up In The Air".

I've recently reviewed a couple of stunning applications for my BlackBerry (Poynt and Momentem) and I've just moved my business email to be hosted by Google.  Why?  Simply because the previous host had limited functionality in terms of formatting and I found it quite restricting.
I use Gmail for my personal email, so setting up a business account (the free version) seemed the sensible option.
It was quite easy to do, but I am still waiting for ALL the mail to be delivered to the new account.  It seems to be a little hit and miss at the moment, as the change propogates through the servers around the world!!
Doesn't that make it seem so grand?  Its not really!

Formula one, television, films, BlackBerry applications; what else?

Football?  I'm not a die-hard fan, and although I live in Manchester, am neither a United or City supporter. 
OK, that's not true.  During the current campaign, I must admit to cheering on City; they still trade on their "under-dog" tag and in a way, they are.
Tomorrow night sees the second-leg of the Carling Cup; and City are going into it with a 2-1 advantage.  Unfortunately, it's not being shown on terrestrial television, and I don't have Sky Sports; so I guess I'll have to either listen to it on Radio 5Live, or catch updates on the web.
Either way, I'm hoping that City make it through.

So, totally undecided about what to write.  I'll have to give it some serious consideration for next time.

In the meantime, if you are watching the match tomorrow, or any of the programmes I've mentioned, or the films, or enjoy Formula 1 - then happy watching.
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