Friday, October 15, 2010

Book Review - The Snowman

First of all, let me start by saying; this isn't some re-write from Raymond Briggs about The Snowman.  Aled Jones is nowhere in sight.

You may have seen this on the shelves, you may have already read it; but if not, this is a gripping read.

Another series, set in the Scandinavian land of Norway; and hot on the heels of the Millenium Trilogy (which is possibly why it's been translanted), this is a police / murder / mystery / crime thriller, from the pen of Jo Nesbo.

The Snowman is actually the forth in the series.
The first one was "The Redbreast" (which I've also read), followed by "Nemesis", "The Devil's Star" and "Redeemer".

All these follow the story of Harry Hole, a detective working to solve the crimes on the streets of Oslo.  They're gritty dramas, which hold no punches.

The Snowman is about a serial killer; who kills when the first snow falls.  At the scene of a killing; he builds a snowman; sometimes a simple one, sometimes it contains the body-parts of the murdered.  It's a clever, twisted, plot that keeps you hooked to the end.
Since it's not the first of the Harry Hole novels, maybe it's not the best place to start, as the others build up the history and back-story for the characters.  However, that doesn't detract from the story, and it'll soon pull you in.

Since I've read "The Redbreast", some of it makes more sense, and I'm already looking forward to the next installment, "Nemesis"; which is primed and ready to go on my iPad. 

However, I am now in the midst of the latest Jack Reacher novel, from Lee Child.  It's called Worth Dying For; and as with all the others; it's pure fun.  I'm about half-way through, and so far it has lived up to the expectation set by all the others.

So; if you're looking for a good read; like thrillers or action/adventure, then look no further than Jo Nesbo or Lee Child.

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