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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Lot On My Plate(s)

Here's something you may, or may not know.  I made a big deal about it on facebook when it happened, but thought I'd tell my story here too.

About six weeks ago I was stopped by a very lovely policewoman, in her car, who told me that my number plates were illegal.  Now, I knew this (the spacing was incorrect) and it was just a matter of time before I was pulled over.  However, I hadn't counted on there being a fine! I thought maybe a friendly warning, and I'd get them changed.

It must have been a slow morning, because the officer decided to write me a ticket, with a fine of £60.  Sixty quid for illegal number plates!! Then, add on the cost of the replacements (another £35) and all-in-all I well and truly paid for the misdemeanor!!

Imagine my horror when, three weeks later, I had a phone call, from my sister-in-law, which went something like this:
"Hi Jools.  I've just driven passed your car. Did you know your number plates are missing?"
"Both, back and front are missing"
"They were there an hour ago, so must have been taken very recently"
I think you get the drift.

Some thieving little (deleted expletive) had removed my number plates.  It's not a quiet back street.  It's a busy corner, with traffic passing constantly.  The nerve of some people.

Guess what? That'll be another £35 to replace them!!

I called the police to report it - I had visions of an early morning visit by the boys in blue, after a car with my plates had been used in an armed robbery, or some other equally outrageous stunt!

I gave all the details, and they told me not to worry - "oh, but expect to be pulled over, as now it's on the system you may get stopped - again!!"

Needless to say, as yet, I haven't been stopped, and I haven't been made aware of them being involved in any crime.

I must say, the crime squad have been quite attentive, with weekly phone calls to update me, and remind me that my plates might still show up somewhere - can't complain about the service.

So, if you see my number plates on a car similar to mine; check to see who's driving - if it's not me, then call the police and tell them.

If it is me; then a friendly wave will do.
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