Monday, August 15, 2011

What Did We Do Before.... DVD on the move

"Are we there yet?"

Those immortal words, uttered by small children, bored in the back seat of the car, as the family goes on a day out.  I remember it; and it happens now, with my own children.

Long journey, to little people, can seem like an age, and whilst, once upon a time they were the preserve of the rich (and famous) it's now possible to fix a couple of screens the headrests and watch a DVD, to while away the miles.  Indeed, in some cars, they are now part of the general spec; and included as standard.

So, what did you do before them?

I remember playing travel games.  Eye Spy was a favourite; and looking for certain colours of cars.  We'd listen to the radio; sing songs and our parents would generally have to work very hard to keep us entertained.

We still do that now; but as long-distance travel has become more frequent, mainly due to families living further apart (for whatever the reason) the DVD certainly helps to 'kill' some time.

What games did you used to play?  How do you entertain the children now?

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