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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seasonal Tidings

I'd forgotten that it's possible to blog via email. So that, wherever I am, I can drop a note, add some thoughts and generally stay in touch.

After yesterdays feast of Christmas (where we spent the day at family in Bristol), today was a slightly quieter affair.

It was nice not having to rush, to take time and relax. That was after chipping the ice away on the path so that no-one slipped.

Treacherous indeed. I sprinkled some salt, and as it landed, there was this explosion of crackling, as it started to defrost the ice. Like a huge bowl of Rice Krispies - "snap, crackle, pop".

I'm looking forward to doing not much this evening. Sitting in front of the television and catching up with some festive televisual entertainment.

Hope you're enjoying the break.
And just so you know, this was updated by email.

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