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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Review - The Reversal

If you've never read a Michael Connelly book, you're missing out.  I came to him late on; it was a couple of years ago when I read my first one, "The Overlook" and ever since, I've been playing catch up.

In fact, I've listened to a number of them on audiobooks, which is a great way to absorb the story; especially on long car journeys.

Michael Connelly has a couple of protagonists, who have stories in their own right.  In "The Reversal" he brings them together, properly, for the first time.

Mickey Haller is a defence lawyer, who usually operates from the back seat of his Lincoln town car. (The film "The Lincoln Lawyer" is out later this year). 

Harry Bosch is a detective from the LAPD, with 35 years on 'the job'.  Between them, they need to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that a convicted killer; released after 24 years, is indeed guilty.

This is the summary:
When Mickey Haller is invited by the Los Angeles County District Attorney to prosecute a case for him, he knows something strange is going on. Mickey's a defense lawyer, one of the best in the business, and to switch sides like this would be akin to asking a fox to guard the hen-house. But the high-profile case of Jason Jessup, a convicted child-killer who spent almost 25 years on death row before DNA evidence freed him, is an intriguing one - particularly since the DA's determination to re-charge and re-try him for the same crime seems doomed to failure. Eager for the publicity and drawn to the challenge, Mickey takes the case, with Detective Harry Bosch on board as his lead investigator. But as a new trial date is set, it starts to look like he's been set up, with the renewed prosecution merely a tactic to prevent Jessup from successfully suing the state and county for millions of dollars. To avoid humiliation, Mickey and Harry are going to have to dig deep into the past and find the truth about Melissa Landy and what really happened to her all those years ago.
It's a cracking read, well-paced, descriptive, with an explosive ending.

Finally, here's the trailer to the afore-mentioned "The Lincoln Lawyer"
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