Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Virgin On The Ridiculous

You don't need me to remind you that the price of petrol and diesel has gone through the roof; with additional duty, followed by the increase in VAT; a couple of weeks ago.  This didn't bode well when I accepted a new contract, in Crewe.

Now back in the world of mobile phone retailing (for a large supermarket chain, where every little helps!) I travel from Manchester to Crewe on a daily basis.  Once upon a time, I used to drive almost the same journey for nearly 7 years.  The M60, the M62 and the M6.

My oh my!! The volume of traffic has increased exponentially over the interim years, and the journey has become nightmarish.  You may already have seen comments to that effect, on Facebook!

So, I decided to try the train.  This is as simple as a tram from my local station, to Piccadilly; then a lovely Virgin train, to Crewe; followed by a not-too-bad perambulate for the final 10 minutes.

The overall journey time is no quicker; but it means I don't get all stressed about sitting in traffic; I can read a book, or even doze for a few minutes!

With the price of fuel ever rising; it's also cheaper than driving; especially as there's no wear and tear on the car (or me!)  The walk is also proving to be quite beneficial; from a health perspective

As they say - everyone's a winner!!

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