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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

AFC Bournemouth - Management Moves

Great news; Lee Bradbury and assistant Steve Fletcher have been given two and half year contracts to manager Bournemouth; following the departure of Eddie Howe in January.

Bradbury has overseen three games since Howe left, and has managed a clean sheet; even over-seeing a win against league leaders,  Brighton.

With a Nil/Nil draw against Rochdale, followed by a home win against leaders Brighton; and this weekend a victory away to Plymouth, The Cherries are really on a roll at the moment.

Tonight they're hosting Swindow, so I hope their winning streak continues.

Steve Fletcher, the 38-year old veteran of the club, will also continue playing for the club.

It's an exciting time; they're in a strong position to challenge for promotion, and I hope that Lee Bradbury and Steve Fletcher do their best to maintain the momentum.
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