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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review - BlackBerry Travel app v TripIt

There are many great apps for the BlackBerry, and one I started using not long ago is TripIt.  A travel app that manages your plans and keeps them in one place.

The basic app is free, and does an admirable job; it will even search for travel related emails and create itineraries for you automatically.  Great for train journeys, flights and hotels; not so clever for big itineraries.  However, they're always working at improving the logarithms, so who know; maybe it'll get better over time.  One major advantage is that TripIt is also available on the web.

This week, BlackBerry released their own version of a travel app, in conjunction with Worldmate.  Now, I have to say, the integration with the core BlackBerry operating system is sublime.  It just fits, and works beautifully.  I have just one, quite major complaint.  It is very, very, light on functionality.

Where TripIt will cater for journeys, days out, theatre bookings and the like; the BlackBerry app is only suitable for hotels and flights.  Maybe that's what the typical BlackBerry user wants; but I'm willing to bet that since the market for the smartphone has increased, it won't be enough.

The app is only in beta stage; which means it hasn't been released publicly, and is in the final throes of user testing.  However,  unless more functionality is added, then it won't be a threat to TripIt.

If you've read other posts of mine, you'll know I'm a BlackBerry fan, and I jumped at the chance to give this a tryout.  Unfortunately, it doesnt cut the mustard, and whilst I'm not a frequent flyer (but use the train daily) I can't see this being adopted by the masses.

Of course, I'll keep my eyes open, and should more be added, then I will definitely give it another go.

For now, I will be staying with TripIt.

Do you have a favourite travel app for your smartphone?  Would you like to review it on My Blog and I?

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