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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review - BlackBerry Messenger

UPDATED POST FROM LAST APRIL....................

As you know, I love my BlackBerry.

A feature which I use a lot is the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
It's instant messaging between BlackBerry users.  Whilst I wrote about it yesterday, as part of another review; I thought it deserved some space all to itself!

This video was made to 'honour' BBM. Make sure your speakers are turned on.

One of the reasons it's great is because it saves on text messages (unless they're unlimited, in which case it makes no difference).
However, you also have the ability to see that your message has been delivered, and then read.
If they've been read, I can see if my respondent is ignoring me!!

Another plus, over text messaging, is the ability to send and receive files; pictures, videos, small audio files, voicenotes can be sent directly to your BBM contacts.  This is one aspect of the service that makes it indispensable.

You can also 'broadcast' messages to all (or a select few) of your contacts.  This is ideal for getting the same message to everyone quickly.  It's more aimed at businesses, who can use this facility to get important business information to staff outside the office.

One downside, if it really is a downside, is that BBM only works between BlackBerry devices.  It's not possible to 'cross' into MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk etc.  For them, you would need to use a standard instant messenger application.

With the latest version of BBM (Version 5), you can use the camera on your phone to scan the barcode of a contact, to quickly add them to your list of contacts.

To do this, open your Messenger and go to 'Invite Contacts'.
If you have version 5, there will be an option to 'Scan a persons barcode'.
Select this, then click 'Continue'

Your camera will be activated and when you 'point' it at the barcode, whether on a computer screen or the phone, the barcode will be automatically read.
You can then decide to accept or decline the invitation.

Simple. Free and highly sociable...

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