Monday, January 19, 2015

Driving With Care

Have you noticed how stupid some drivers can be in any given weather condition?

For example, this weekend saw thick fog.  I mean, really thick.  So thick that I couldn't see the main road from the house! 

I had a meeting to go to, which meant I had to venture outside!  
First, de-ice the car (inside and out, I kid you not!)

It’s thick fog.  I’m sure you've all heard the acronym for FOG - Foot Off Gas; or to put it bluntly, Slow Down.

And what about using your lights?  
You know?  
Those sparkly things on the front and the back of your car...  
There are even special, high intensity lights; known as FOG lights, designed especially for these conditions.  Are they on?
No?  Then how do you expect me to see you?

As I drove, the matrix signs on the motorway were non-existent; hidden by the blanket of fog.  The concentration needed to see the other vehicles was tremendous.  It was hard enough trying to see the junction, to exit the motorway.

On the side-roads, cars were just appearing out of the gloom; again, no lights so it wasn't until they were nearly on me that I saw them. So dangerous to other drivers, not to mention pedestrians.

For the record; I did have my lights on; and all fog lights.  

I’m in no way, the perfect driver, but I drive within the limits of the conditions, and it’s so annoying and worrying when others don’t have the same consideration.

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