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Sunday, January 11, 2015

One From The Archive - What did we do before....Mobile Phones

First introduced in the mid 80s; the first UK call was made from Trafalgar Square.... it was on the Racall Vodafone network. Now just Vodafone.

We've all seen pictures of the big, bulky, phones, that weren't very portable!  How technology has moved on.

However, has the invention of the mobile phone had a positive impact on our daily lives?

From a business perspective, it means decisions can be made more quickly, resulting in quicker turnaround of ideas/products.  Undoubtably, in an emergency, a mobile phone can help to save lives.

From a personal security point of view, having a means to communicate gives us peace of mind.
The smartphones we see today, also have access to email, news feeds, countless apps; as well as being media players, with built in cameras, to capture the moment, before uploading to your favourite social network.

However; being available all the time means bosses expect you to speak to them whenever they want.  The intrusion in public places is disrupting... listening to one half of a conversation is annoying; especially when they have a loud voice.  They help to make arrangements, but in the past, wouldn't you just wait until you got home?  If you're running late; so what? Once upon a time, you'd just be late!

Much is written about the operating system, from Apples' iOS, open-source Android, the revitalised BlackBerry and Windows Phone too.  There is much to suit everyone - I'm not going to spark further debate in this post about what's best.

With the advent of social networks, such as facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram etc, we are increasingly 'dependent' on our mobile.

Personally, I know that I depend on my phone.... I'm also accused of not putting it down!
I'm not arguing for a return to how it used to be.
Some would call it progress.

We managed before, but nowadays I don't think we'd manage too well without.
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