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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One From The Archive - What Did We Do Before...Sky+

I originally wrote this in 2011.  Since then there has been an explosion in "on demand" video capabilities; from Chromecast to Roku to Apple TV to YouView  and many more.  So, this post may be a little dated; but the overall premise remains the same.

Now here's a subject close to many peoples hearts.

How on earth did YOU cope without Sky+.  It must be the single best revolution in televisual history (ignoring HD and 3D)

NB: Whilst I refer to Sky+, I haven't forgotten there is an alternative, in Virgin Media (except; they're not available down our street!)

So - let's remember the 'old' days.  The wonderful days of VHS and Betamax.  Those cassette tapes on which we lovingly recorded our favourite programmes; with labels stuck on, peeled off, renewed; as we shuttled the tape back and forward, finding the programme, keeping tape libraries of our favourite programmes.

Now, thanks to the advent of Sky+, we are not only able to record our favourite programme, but we can record a whole series and it's much easier to skip the adverts (although the advertisers might not be too chuffed at the idea!!)

Have we become slaves to this technology?
Of course we have.

What's more; if the Sky+ box has to be replaced then *Kaboom* - all the recordings are gone too.  At least with video tape; you just put the tape in the new machine (assuming it hadn't been chewed up in the old one!)

So, is Sky+ a good thing?  Undoubtably, yes.  What's next?  I have no idea.  Already, Sky+ hard drives are growing to cater for the many hours of programmes; there's now a 1Tb (Tera-byte) version which can store up to 500 hours of viewing.

I have one question.

With todays' busy lifestyles, when on earth do you think you'll find the time to watch almost 21 days of entertainment?

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