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Monday, August 06, 2007

10k Charity Run

I have decided that I will do a 10k run for charity. Yes. Me. I saw the posters in the gym, and thought "why not?"
So, in aid the the Robert Broude Appeal, I will help to raise funds for the Young Oncology Unit at Christies Hospital.

Here is a excerpt from the website:
Since the YOU opened in 1988 there has been a rise in the patient referrals from
a wide catchment area. In 2005 there were more than 2000 admissions to the
YOU for either in-patient or day care.
Robert was not only very intelligent,
but also observant, and recognised the need to expand the very limited day care
area within the unit. Our aim, in conjunction with Professor Tim Eden and
his dedicated team, is to create two treatment beds, and two treatment chairs,
along with all the support. At the moment treatment is being carried out
rather inadequately, on the in-patient ward area.
Expansion of the Day Care
Area will require the recreation area known as the Oasis Room, a fundamental
component of a teenage unit, to be relocated elsewhere in the YOU. The
Oasis Room is for patients and their friends only; it is their space and open 24
hours a day.
The run will take place on 16th September, in Heaton Park.
More details will follow, along with updates on my training.
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