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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Training Begins

I've just returned from my first 'real' training session for the 10k run.
When I mean 'real', I refer to the fact this is the first time in the gym since deciding to take part in the charity event. Therefore, by default, it was the first proper session.
Now, by my standards, it was pretty good. I stuck 30 minutes on the time, for a random selection of hills and troughs, at level 2.
I set my speed at 6.4km/h and started jogging away. And do you know what? For the first 20 minutes it wasn't too bad. I pumped away, using my arms to help me; focused on the room in front of me and just kept going.
The last 10 minutes were not so pleasant, and it was then I realised that I need to put a lot more time and effort in, if I am ever to complete 10k. Today I managed: 2.3km. Hmmm!
I'm not too down. For the first time, I was pleased.
Next time, I think I'll forget 'Random' and set the pace on the level. Maybe I was being to ambitious.
There will be hills in the real thing, but I should build up to that, and not head straight in.
On the sponsorship front, I already have the first few people, and some have even paid - so no pressure there then?
I'm looking to set up a page on - a website that manages charity collections. Once it's set up, I'll publish the details here.
Tomorrow there'll be more running, and slowly and surely I will build stamina to get to the finish line.
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