Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Is 'Ere

So, it's August. Where is the year going?

It has started with a sickness bug doing the rounds; just take a look at this:
  • Monday - The Baby was sick at the dentist
  • Monday Night - The Wife was sick
  • Tuesday - The Wife was sick
  • Tuesday Night - Number One was sick
  • Wednesday - Number One and Number Two were sick (Number One also went to hospital)
  • Wednesday Night - The Baby was sick again!!
Me - I'm the last man standing, hoping not to succumb to the perils of this bug.
Tried to book a different hotel for the Grand Prix next year. Surprise, surprise - it's booked up. Strange, as it was only available for booking from today. Still, I have a reservation at another hostelry, so no worries there.
So, in the night, as Number One was settling back down, we noticed that his Nintendo DS Lite was not where it should be. Where was it? What a mystery. Apparently it got into a draw all by itself. Even stranger, it managed to snap itself in two, all on its own!
He eventually admitted that it was he who broke it, albeit in excitement at getting to the next level of a game.
The Wife called Game, who gave a number. Nintendo Support were charming, and for the small price of £25.25p they will either repair or replace. Not bad. Considering I was on eBay this morning and watching a number of items. I'll report on the service when it's returned.
I can only hope the rest of the month gets better. Stay tuned.

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