Monday, August 06, 2007

A Bugs Life

It's been a few days since my last post, so thought it about time to catch up. I'm actually off from work today. The bug that struck my family last week has finally caught up with me.

Another stunning weekend for Lewis Hamilton, and he was lucky to be given pole position due to the nefarious doings of his team mate. A contradiction in terms really - they're not mates at all, and the relationship between them has hit rock bottom.

Still, under the pressure, the boy done good, and held off the attack from Kimi Raikkonen with great maturity.
We went to the Doctor Who Exhibition on Friday, and the Museum of Science and Industry. It was quite good, if a little over-priced. The boys certainly enjoyed it. Then it was off the The Lowry for lunch, and somehow, we also bought two new suitcases!
On Saturday we went to the Blue Planet Aquarium, near Chester. Another good place to go. The Baby was excited about seeing the fish, then took the attitude "seen one fish, seen them all". He soon lost interest. There was an interesting show featuring two scuba divers feeding the fish, and the obligatory play area outside.
After that, we made a stop at Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village. It's grown in the few years since we were last there. I bought a pair of running shoes from Nike, and then it was back home.
Yesterday I met a customer from eBay, to handover some clothes. Saves on the postage, and the PayPal fees. Some friends came round in the afternoon, but I really wasn't in the mood, as I started to feel sick.
Then I was.
And that's about it. Feeling rotten, so just going to take it easy today.

Keep well.

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