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Friday, July 10, 2009

It's The Weekend

At last, it's the weekend. Just watched the finale of Torchwood. Absolutely gripping drama, and the quality in HD is just superb.
Actually, let's discuss HD (High Definition) for a brief moment. Some programmes it's difficult to see the difference. But on others, the picture is staggering.
Take Wimbledon as an example. The clarity of the picture made you feel as though you were actually there. It was sharp, the detail was amazing.
For the techies, the BBC have a fab blog, which covers the technologies under research, including HD broadcasting.
Anyway; strayed off track there. Back to Le Weekend.
Off to see "Scooby Doo" tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I'll get to see the German Grand Prix qualifying session. Hee Hee!!
In the evening we're out with friends.
On Sunday, my brother in law is doing a cycle ride from Manchester to Blackpool, to raise money for Christies Hospital. It's a worthy cause, and you can donate here.
I've done my bit, and it's the Grand Prix for real in the afternoon; I'll probably doze off though!!
That's all for now, time for bed. Enjoy the weekend, they always seem to go sooo fast!
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