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Monday, July 27, 2009

Then there were two

Holy mackrel (or should that be goldfish?) late on Saturday night, we lost Minnie. The biggest of the fish was not immune to the White Spot (ICH) disease, and I found 'her' caught in one of the plants.

So, there are now just 2 fish left in the tank, and, quite frankly, until we get back from our holiday I am not going to add any new friends.


The Formula 1 weekend, in Hungary, turned out to be very exciting, and upsetting, as the championship competition continued to twist and turn.

Thoughts go to Felipe Massa and his family, after the accident during qualifying, which has led to emergency surgery on his skull. The sport has constantly strived to make it as safe as possible, but with open wheel, open cockpit racing, accidents will continue to happen.

On the other hand, following the fatal incident at Brands Hatch, where Henry Surtees was killed by a loose wheel, it is unbelievable that the Renault pit team allowed Alonso to leave the pits with an unsecured wheel cover. The wheel worked loose and bounced off down the track. Luckily, there was no other driver (or marshall or spectator) involved and he limped home to the pits on 3 wheels.
The Renault team have now been suspended from the next race (Valencia on 23rd August), pending appeal.

On a positive note for the weekend, Lewis Hamilton, in his McLaren, has proven what a driver he can be, given the right car. From being fastest in practice, to starting 4th on the grid, and finishing first, after what can only be described as a miserable first half of the season, he drove a masterful race.

The points table now looks like this:
Button - 70
Webber - 51.5
Vettel - 47
Barrichello - 44
Rosberg - 25.5
Trulli - 22.5
Massa - 22
Hamilton - 19

Let's hope that the season continues to deliver some exciting races, and Jenson Button continues to fight for his maiden championship victory.


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