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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Legoland Discovery Centre - Update

Bank Holiday Monday came, and the weather, whilst dry, was rather on the cold side.  By the time we'd decided what to do, it was too late to venture too far.

So, we decided to make use of our annual LDC pass, and take in a visit to the Trafford Centre at the same time.

I should point out, that I have done a review of our last visit - you can read it here.

However, this visit is worthy of an update, because many of the 'faults' I highlighted have now been redressed, and the overall experience is much better.

For starters - there is now a separate queue for ticket and pass holders.  This makes it much easier to gain access, and means no waiting in the cold.  Big tick for that one.

Secondly, the ride.  Last time, I wrote that the queue management wasn't particularly smooth.  That's now been improved, and guests are now 'loaded' onto the ride much quicker and more efficiently.

Third - there was a huge expanse of, what I would have called 'wasted' space in the centre of the main room.  This has now been filled with what can only be described as a Lego pool.

It's quite vast, and is about 5"-6" deep with every imagineable type of Lego brick and component.  The kids just climb in and sit in this pool, surrounded by little plastic bricks.  I can't think it's too comfortable.  Adults can sit on the surround.

It was busy, but it was a constantly moving feast, and it was quite manageable.

There is just one more, little, complaint.  Although we had both films, the boys wanted to go to the 4D cinema again.  Well, it was an excuse for a sit down!!  However, since there are 2 films, it would be good if they displayed which film was being shown next - they were disappointed to see Bob The Builder again; even if they did enjoy it.

So; all in all, a postive trip.  I put together a short video of the day, with some of the elements I mentioned above.  Enjoy.

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