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Monday, May 10, 2010

Money For Old Phones

We are awash with mobile phones.  We are constantly tempted by the networks, to upgrade to the latest model, making use of the the features and functions that they are working hard to provide us.

Mobile phones are getting smarter and more sophisticated.

When we take up the offers we are often left with our original phone, and for some reason, we don't seem able to throw them away!

At a car boot sale recently, whilst trying to sell some old models, it was suggested to me to try Fonebank - a service that will pay for old mobile phones, regardless of their state.  You don't even need the box or charger.

Once they have your phone, apparently, they send a cheque.  The phone is 'recycled' to be used in developing countries and the mobile phone mountain is slowly reduced to a hill.

I have just arranged to send my old phone back.  The site tells me I will get £86 for it.  Not bad for something that's been lying around gathering dust for the last year.
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