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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Frills Air Travel

Budget airlines are rarely out of the news, usually due to their pricing policy not being transparent enough; or the quality of service.
I recently had the pleasure of flying with to Tel Aviv; and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

The booking was made online, as expected, and a month before travel, I received an email advising me that "online check-in is now open".
I had the option to choose our seats, select a meal and check luggage for the hold.
All of this, had I elected to take it, would have added over £90 to the cost.
So, we bought sandwiches before we got to the airport, took the seats they allocated, but I had to take a suitcase.

At the airport, the service was quick and pleasant; even passing through security was less 'stressful' than I remember.
The quote of the day has to go to the member of staff who said:
"Ladies and gentlemen. We will soon be boarding the flight, in row order. Please have your passports and boarding cards ready.
"Thankyou; we are now boarding everyone"!!
Huh? Row order? Everyone! It was a scramble!!!

Once on board, the crew tempted us with nourishment (more money) and their duty free trolley, scratchcards and the sale of a watch that, apparently, is worn by celebrities!!

The one big downside was the seats.

Now, I wasn't expecting leather upholstery, or a seat-back TV. However, it would have been nice to be able to recline the seat, just a bit; and the thin cushion was, after 5 hours, no longer comfortable.
The expression "You get what you pay for" is never more true.

In the end, we departed on time and arrived 5 minutes early; it was a good flight, with friendly crew, above the clouds and in the sunshine.

Bearing in mind the weather in the UK; I really can't complain. Can I?
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