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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

One Persons' Rubbish...

... is another persons treasure.  Or something like that.

On Sunday there was a car boot sale; with the proceeds donated to the 401st Manchester Scouts and Cubs and the 5th Cheetham Guides and Brownies.

It was a cold day, with a brisk breeze, but it did stay dry, mercifully.

Following a rather large de-clutter on Saturday, and reclaiming space in my office; there were bags and boxes of stuff ready for throwing away.

Oh, no!!
"You can't throw that away!"
"Why not? It's been gathering dust for the last year!"
"But I'll sell it or give it to a charity shop"
"It's going to the tip - unless you do the car boot sale tomorrow!"
"OK. I'll do it...!"
So, after consolidating all the 'stuff', it was packed into the car, in readiness for the morning.

Now; when I say 'stuff', that's the polite word.  We're talking tat and rubbish of the highest order.  Not including baby-related goods, which we haven't needed for at least a year; but has been taking up valuable space.

Now it was all going.  Of course, we could have just dropped it at the charity shops; indeed, that's where the leftover 'stuff' is going.

Bright and early on Sunday morning, The Wife set up stall in the allotted space in the park. Actually, that's not quite true, because as soon as the engine stopped, strangers were opening the car doors to start ransacking the 'stuff' available.  Quite incredible, and after she fought them off, the table was set and a mornings trading began.

When I arrived with the boys, much of the tat and rubbish had been bought by treasure hunters.  Heaven only knows what they wanted with such gubbins, but who were we to argue.

It was an extremely profitable morning, and already the search is on for more 'stuff' for the next sale.

In the meantime, why don't you hunt for the 'stuff' you no longer want or need, and head down to your nearest carboot sale.
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