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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cityscapes - New York

As Paris is romantic, ornate and picturesque, New York is big, loud and "in your face".  

Indeed, let's be a little more specific here.  When I talk about New York, I refer to the island of Manhattan. OK, it's not a real island, but it's the part you think of when someone mentions New York.

The suburbs, Harlem, The Bronx, Queens, to name a few, have been immortalised on film, and if you haven't visited them, then I suppose that is the real New York - the place where the locals live.
Of course, they live in Manhattan too. Upper East Side, Lower West Side, Greenwich Village, SoHo, all contain apartment blocks. 

It's a fast-paced life, people walking quickly, getting from A to B and not stopping to look along the way.

The towering skyscrapers, the old mingling with the new.  I'll never forget the view down Wall Street - tall buildings framing Trinity church at the other end.

There are many iconic images, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, The Statue of Liberty  not forgetting the famous yellow taxi cabs.  

Ellis Island, in the bay, is now a museum to remind us of the journey the many thousands of immigrants made, to start a new life in this land of opportunity.

Central Park in the summer, is a tranquil escape from the madness of city life.  In the winter it is transformed, when it snows, and becomes a winter wonderland.  I'm sure you've seen images of people skating in the park.

As a tourist, New York is fascinating and exciting.  The shops, the food, the noise, the art and history; plus the realisation that you've seen this many times before, captured on celluloid, means it is as familiar as it is strange.

Whatever time of year you visit, there is plenty to see.

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