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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review - TuneIn Radio

 I discovered this app the other day, available on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Listen to and record over 40,000 radio stations, including thousands of AM/FM local stations.
Radio streaming has never been so easy.  This isn't a free app - it costs a whopping £1.19; but the quality of the broadcasts is superb.
Start the programme, and it will identify where you are; however, you can select your listening pleasure either by choosing a category of programme, or genre of music.

You can also search for programmes using the radio directory RadioTime.

So; here are some (and this is just a small selection) of the features:

  • RadioTime directory, featuring 40,000+ stations
  • Browse local stations with GPS or WiFi location
  • Search for stations by keyword
  • Listen to podcasts of radio shows (where available)
  • Bookmark your favourite stations
  • Sleep timer
  • Album art / station logo displayed (where available)
  • Alarm clock
  • Record any station for playback later (on demand or with timer)

Yes - you read that last one correctly.  It's possible to record, either as you listen, or set the timer to record a future programme.  Considering it costs quite a lot to buy a DAB radio, that has the same functionality; this is just an incredible option.

I should point out that the record function is not available on BlackBerry or Android devices.

Also, with the recent release of Apple iOS4.2, the TuneIn Radio will continue to play in the background, as you do 'other things' on your device.

Music or sports commentary, or anything you want to listen to - whilst you work or play.

Have you used TuneIn Radio?  What do you think?
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