Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Lines

I started writing My Blog and I back in 2007 (this is the first post); yes, you can still read the old posts. 

Initially, it was a means for me to just jot down things I'd been up to.  It certainly wasn't serious, and definitely not a soap box.  Indeed, there was no single direction.

You might liken it to a diary; in the early days, that's exactly what it was.  Over time I have found little tid-bits to add; and it's become more rounded.

There is also, now, a purpose.  To entertain and inform.

I'm very philosophical.

My Blog and I is my take on the world around me.  Whether it's litererature, films, television, sport, news or family and friends.

My Blog and I is all mine.  They're my words (most of the time!) and my thoughts.  I even created a 'logo' to give it a more polished look.  It's always evolving; as I try to keep it fresh and interesting.

It will always be honest, and I'll continue to combine the funny with the sad.

I've had some great reaction to some of my posts in the past; including a company CEO saying thanks for a review I wrote; and others who have liked what I've written and some that have disagreed.

And that's what's great. 

My little piece of the internet has amazing people taking the trouble to read and write about something I've written.

The fact that you're coming along for the ride, is truly wonderful.

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