Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review - Sky Sports Football Score Centre

I've not done a review for a while, so here's one for a BlackBerry app, which works brilliantly.

Many of you know that I'm not a huge football fan; but I do follow The Cherries; as has been written about weekly on this very blog.

 The Sky Sports Football Score Centre is, amazingly, free to download and use; what's better is that it isn't riddled with adverts either.

Once downloaded, you can set your favourite team, to follow and what you want to display on the front screen.

There's a full fixture list, that shows, in real time, where your team sits; and you can also choose other leagues to follow; including the French, Italian, German and many more.

Possibly the best part is the integration with the BlackBerry messaging system, so that when a goal is scored, or red card given, during a game which your team is playing, you will get a notification instantly.

In fact, it's not just the messaging system.  The fixture list is also synchronised with your BlackBerry calendar - so, now you won't forget about a match!!

If you're out and about, or too busy to follow, or the game isn't televised (which, the Bournemouth games aren't), then it's a great way to keep in touch with the action.

Plus, there's also commentary on the game, updated frequently.

You can see the various options here - including the teams being fielded, stats on each player (with photo) and match statistics.

Now, if I find this interesting, for just a couple of clubs, imagine the football fan who can't get enough!!

This is a cracking application; which you can run when there's a match, and leave off (to save battery) when you don't need it.

Available for most devices, with OS4.6 and higher (and supported on touch screens too) you can download it from BlackBerry App World.

In the interest of cross-platform reviews; this app is also available for the iPhone, iPod Touch (but not specifically for the iPad) via the App Store.  On these devices, if you have a subscription, you can also watch video highlights.

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