Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Two Thousand and Counting

Since June, Blogger has been provided up-to-the minute statistics regarding page views.

Now, I don't profess to have big following, but I wanted to highlight some of the stats to you, and say thanks.

Not least that, in the beginning, I wasn't writing this for any more reason than to 'get something off my chest' or just because I'm a frustrated writer!

Now this very blog has reached the 2000 views mark.  I know it's not in the realms of the big sites, but for little ole me, it's a great milestone to achieve..

So, without further ado - here are the top 10 posts that have been read the most, by you, since the beginning of June.
  1. Oh My Word! Books - Paper or Electronic?
  2. iPad - Diary and Task Management from Pocket Infor...
  3. Flipboard Review - A social magazine for the iPad
  4. iPad
  5. The A Team - Theme
  6. Applications for my iPad
  7. BlackBerry Messenger - Theme Song
  8. AFC Bournemouth - A New Beginning
  9. Platypus - Not just a semi-aquatic mammal
  10. iPad - App Review
As you can see, it's an eclectic mix of articles, about things that interest me.  Which of these, if any, did you find interesting?

Remarkably, my post about paper books versus e-books has been the most popular and, amazingly, for reasons I can't quite fathom, The A-Team theme garnered 38 views (I said they weren't big numbers!)

The majority of my readers are in the USA and the UK, with Russia, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, South Korea and China also making up the numbers.  It would be nice to know how they came to see it - even if they only disappeared again quickly........

Each of the links above should still take you to the relevant post - have a look, nosey around, and see if there are any other little gems you'll enjoy.

There are plenty more to come, including reviews, video posts and more.

Thank you to everyone who has followed My Blog and I.  It's hugely appreciated.

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