Monday, June 25, 2007

Survival of the Fish Kind

It is with great relief that I can report Mickey alive and well this morning.
I was half expecting to find him floating at the top of the water, but, there he (or she) was, gently swimming around the vase.
Yes, a vase.
We don't own a goldfish bowl, or fish-tank, and so have resorted to a vase.
It's not round. But it is quite big, and should be sufficient for Mickey to have a good exercise.
Whilst I'm here, I thought I'd update you on my shares portfolio. You may recall that I invested in some shares a while back, and have been keenly watching the value ebb and flow with the stock market.
Well, things haven't been going so well. Everything has fallen in value, with my darling, Stagecoach, being the worst offender. OK, so I had a return of £40 when the dividend was paid, but then the quantity of shares was consolidated, so now I have less, with a much less return. In fact, the value now is a paltry fiver!
Tesco has slid backwards as well, worth just over a pound, and even Standard Life has reduced to just over £200.
BSkyB is holding on around the £12 mark.
BT were doing OK, but have also slid back.
Still - as I've always maintained, this is a long term investment, so hopefully things'll improve with time.

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