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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Moving Experience

This morning, Mickey the (Gold)Fish moved into his new home. It's a lovely big tank (well, bigger than the vase he was in), with plants and gravel. The move went quite smoothly, and now he has the space to splash to his hearts content. That is if he isn't traumatised.
If I get the chance, I'll take a photo and put it here for you to see.
On the weather front; it's a beautiful morning, if a little chilly. You really wouldn't think it was the end of June, and apparently we are in for another wet weekend. My heart goes out to those that have lost their homes in the deluge, especially as there is more on the way.
So, last night The Wife commandered my laptop, and as already mentioned, has joined the ranks on Facebook. I'm not sure what she'll get out of it, as she doesn't use the computer half as much as I do, although I have suggested getting her a laptop of her own, that she can use in the evenings. She certainly wasn't averse to the idea; I just need to find a cheap one.
I played the Center Parcs DVD to The Boys last night. (I forgot to mention this in the late post yesterday). They weren't too keen, and The Wife was not impressed by my choice of music. It's a Ragtime piece; taken from the film "The Sting", with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. How can you not like the music from that film. So; I'm going to have to find something else a little more contemporary. Apparently it must be upbeat.
The Boys were not impressed with the old film effect (jumpy, black and white, with the scratches on the picture...) I shouldn't be surprised. They're used to digital, crystal clarity. They wouldn't understand the poignancy of using that film type to remember the past.
So, it's back to the editing suite and see what I can do to salvage the project.
Tim is on court at 1pm today. That's 4 days in a row, and it's only his second match. Katie O'Brien is also in action, so I'll be looking out for her as well.
No further news at the moment. Except to say, this is Post 14 for June. Which equals May. No doubt I'll be able to add another one, if not two, before the month is over.

Have a great day.
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