Thursday, June 07, 2007

Say Cheese

It's arrived. My new toy arrived, courtesy of Amazon, (well not courtesy because I had to pay them, but you know what I mean!) The Canon Ixus 850 IS is a dinky little thing. I've had a play and the image quality is startling, and the features amazing. In fact there are probably more features than I'll ever use, but now there's no excuse for not taking a good pic.
Worked late tonight, and didn't get home until after 9.15. Knackered! That's why I'm still up. I need some time to wind down before going to bed. Still, mission accomplished (but I bet it's not appreciated in the slightest - I wouldn't be surprised. They just expect).
At least it's Friday tomorrow, and another chance to wear my Vodafone McLaren Mercedes official top. It's the Montreal Grand Prix this weekend, and starting at 6pm, means I'll get to watch most of it.
OK - that's about it. Sleep well and I'll write more soon.

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