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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Electric Youth

I was ruminating and cogitating about how the 'yoof' of today seem so much better at technology than I was, when I was younger.

I know most would argue that, (and I'm not disagreeing) since we are immersed in a world of gadgets, gizmos and whatnots, then it's not really a surprise. Especially as they are exposed to it through the education system.

Blackboards and chalk? No way! Nowadays it's the interactive whiteboard. In a way, this might help hold the attention span of the pupils, who would otherwise be thinking about their next 'game'.

I say it like that simply because there are so many consoles to choose from, I'm amazed there is room in the market. From the family friendly Nintendo, to the hard-core PS3 and XBox - all vying for your cash.
It's not just games. It's television too.

When I were a lad it was 3 channels and a top loading Betamax video recorder. You could set the timer seven days in advance, and the tape lasted up to 4 hours (on long play!) There's the old joke about kids setting the video quicker than their parents; but...
... Leap forward a quarter of a century, and, not only am I going grey; but it's now possible to record programmes by series, for hours on end, on machines that a 4 year old can operate (trust me, I know!!)

The DVD player isn't alien, the computer less so. Using the Wii-mote to play a game is second nature.
It's amazing, but at the same time, all this time in front of technostuff is less time outside in the fresh air!!

Is this technology bad?
Do we need it?
Does it inhibit the mental growth of our children?
Of course, the answer is "No". It isn't bad, indeed progress is good.

We don't need it; but it helps make life more efficient.
Finally - does it have a negative impact on the future generations? In my humble opinion, no; but there's a caveat to that answer.

Whilst I'm all for advancements in technology; and we have much to thank for the railways and electricity!! there has to be a balance between what it does for us, and what we do for ourselves.
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