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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Fit - Update 2

It's confession time.

I haven't been as active in the Get Fit challenge as I should have been.

I have been walking quite a lot, as you can see from My Pedometer updates.  Some days have been better than others, and the spikes are when I went to the gym - as you can see from yesterday.

However, I do make a conscious effort to get out and walk during the day.  It's easier when the sun is shining, but no matter what the weather has been, I have been getting out.  It feels good to stretch my legs, take in some fresh air, and spend time with my own thoughts.

Summer, is just around the corner, so time is of the essence.  I need to set a proper plan, with a fixed regime.
No more of the "maybe Monday or will it be Tuesday?"

From now on Tuesday will be Gym Day.

I have been doing 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, and from now, I will start to increase my time, and, by association, my fitness.

Well, that's the theory.
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