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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flipnote Studio

Once again, it's review time; and today is the turn of the Nintendo DSi.

I don't cover the handheld console that often, mainly because I don't play all the time, and whilst I enjoy the games I do play, I'm not a gamer at heart, so find it easy to put down.

There have been a couple of exceptions. One was the Professor Layton games - brilliantly produced with some fiendishly difficult puzzles to solve.

The other is Flipnote Studio.

You'll probably remember as a child when you drew stick figures on pages of a book, and when you flicked them, it appeared as though the figure was moving.

Now you can do it electronically on the DSi.

It's brilliantly creative, and it's also possible to add sound too. For the frustrated cartoonist, this is a fabulous way to express your talents.

There's even a website where you can upload your cartoons for others to view.
Here's an example of the kind of thing you can do.

What's even more remarkable, is that this is FREE. Gratis. This should have been charged for - it's incredible that they have given this away.

You can download it from the DSiWare shop via your wireless connection.

If you have a DSi, but haven't seen this, then you must try it.  It's great to while away some hours travelling, or just to doodle and have fun.

Of course, if its puzzle games are for you, then check-out Professor Layton too.

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