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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter for BlackBerry

As you know, from time to time, I like to review applications for BlackBerry.

This time, it's the turn of Twitter for BlackBerry

I've been a Twitter user for over a year, dipping in here and there, to see what's happening.  There are a number of ways to access it, either directly via their website, or using a third party application, such as TweetDeck.

On the mobile, there are also a slew of applications, all developed by third parties; however, until now, there hasn't been an actual Twitter application for the BlackBerry.

That changed over the last few weeks, as it was first rolled out to a chosen few, and recently released to the public.

I downloaded it on Sunday, and have been 'playing' with it.  One of the big problems with applications like this, is the constant drain on the battery.  Since Twitter is updating in real-time, at intervals you can pre-determine, it is working constantly, alongside the normal radio transmissions.
I must admit that, so far, battery use has been minimal, and I've not experienced any undue power reduction.

Looking at the application itself; it has been beautifully integrated into BlackBerry.  It works very well, all the functionality on the website is available on the mobile, including the ability to save searches - something you can't do with others.

The look and feel is very much linked to the website, and I have to say it's extremely easy to use.

You can:
  • ReTweet
  • Direct Messages
  • Reply
  • Add Photos
  • Set Favourites
  • Search
  • Send a Tweet as an update to Facebook, or as SMS, MMS etc
  • View Lists
I am very impressed with this application, and it has started to replace UberTwitter as my app of choice.

If you have any views, then please add your comment below.
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