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Monday, February 26, 2007

Here We Go Again...

Happy Monday.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Ours was quite busy.
On Saturday morning, I took Number One to Argos to pick up a game for his DS (as well as a Darth Vader costume, for him, not me!)
Since we were travelling to a different store, I decided to use my new SatNav. Well, he was in raptures, and got quite cross when he was interrupted by 'The Voice' - telling her she was rude. He then started repeating it, and told me that "In 300 yards you will reach your destiny"!

In the afternoon, we all went to see "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". It's about the third time I've seen it, but it was a pleasure to see the boys faces as the songs they know so well were brought to life on the stage.
In the evening, the two of us went to some friends in Warrington; but had to come home early, as Number One was suffering toothache.

On Sunday - his face was all swollen on the left side - an abcess. Great!
Antibiotics were obtained, and the day continued.
However, by about 4.30 he was well and truly drained - probably the late nights didn't help, but he was in bed and asleep before his baby brother (who was asleep by 6pm).

He woke again at about 9.30pm, and went to sleep in our bed. Which meant that I had to sleep in his bed.
This morning, I have not been able to shave, and feel a real scruff (probably look it too!)

Hopefully, he'll be well enough to go to school - I'll find out later.

I'm at work now, and beginning the last week of my secondment to this project. It'll be a shame to leave it, as I've built up quite a lot of knowledge. However, other projects are waiting.
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