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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Upload to You Tube

So what of the weekend. At last, I actually got my hair cut - it needed it. Back to normal now.
Last night we went to Akbars, an Indian restaurant in Manchester. The food is terrific and the service is second to none. What's more, it's extremely good value for money. I recommend it. Visit the website for more information - and a look at the menu.

On Friday night I finally got around to editing the video I took at Christmas, and have now uploaded it to You Tube. You can also see it right here.

I emailed the family with the link, so they can view it as well - cheaper than burning discs and posting them.

Hope you enjoy it.

That's all for now. It looks like I will be postponing my 2 days off next week, due to work commitments. Bit of a bummer, but then that's two days saved for later in the year.

Keep well.
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