Saturday, February 10, 2007

That Friday Feeling

Well, maybe it's too late for Friday, but anyway.

It's THAT weekend. My baby is going to be one on Sunday, but we're starting the celebrations early; i.e. today. As Sunday is going to be so busy, we're going to give him his presents today - well he doesn't know any different - in fact one of them needed to be put together and I've already done that. It's a Fisher Price giraffe, that should encourage him to pull himself up.

This afternoon, I took my oldest to Borders to buy a couple of books. He's recently got into Captain Underpants, and having read one of them the other day, I promised we would get another. So that was a pleasant little trip (plus he wanted to look in Game - he loves that shop).

I've just finished watching King Kong (the Peter Jackson version) which is why I'm still up. It's very long, but the effects are terrific, and there are some scenes that are totally computer generated. Beautifully done, but the scenes on the ship could have been shortened. I saw the original not long ago, and that was also great, and about half the length.

Apparently it's going to snow tomorrow. It tried this evening, when I went to Tesco, but since then nothing. I think we're going to get away with it.

Right then. It's late, and it's going to be busy tomorrow. Off to bed.

Sleep well.

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