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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The BIG Weekend

At last, the birthday has arrived. My littlest is now ONE.

Oh the fuss and bother we made, but it was great fun.

We started with present giving on Saturday morning (since we knew we'd be busy today - and he doesn't know any different anyway).
Then my parents arrived with my sister and nephew. That was wonderful, and the boys had a great time with their cousin.
They played on the PlayStation, and in the evening we all went to TGI Fridays for tea.
Later in the evening, my cousins from Bristol arrived. It was lovely of them to come up, and it was such a fleeting visit.
We plied them with food and drink before they went to their hotel.

This morning it was off to the deli and bakers to collect the respective orders. Then everyone got to our house about 9.30, before getting to the party at about 10:30. I think great fun was had by all.

Back home for lunch (more food) and everyone left at about 2:30 to make the long journeys home. All was not lost - my brother-in-law and his family cam round at about 3.30 to help with the copious amounts of food, and they stayed until about 5:30.

Then, it was bath and bed for the three of them - all exhausted after a busy day.

My baby's ONE.

Let's hope this week is a good one. No doubt there'll be missives as the week progresses.
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