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Monday, March 01, 2010

Grow Claws

No. That's not a direction for budding werewolves!!

It's the name of a budding band, from Brighton.

Now. I rarely cover music that's outside of the 'norm', but maybe I have a bias towards these guys and girls.

They describe their music as 'experimental pop', with influences ranging from David Bowie to The Beach Boys and Kate Bush to Adam and the Ants.

The band comprise the following talented people:
Jez Berns - Bass / Vocals
Chris Griffin - Guitar / Vocals
Rob Ling - Drums / Vocals
Alex Painter - Sax / Guitar / Synth / Vocals
Esther Springett - Clarinet / Synth / Vocals

I'm not one to ram music down peoples' throats; it's a very personal taste; however, please give them a listen.  I've included a video below, of their track called "Rubber Ball" (and it's as far from Bobby Vee as you could hope to get)!!

This is wonderful.

They have a fan page on Facebook.

I'd love to know what you think.
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