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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen - Place Your Bets Please

OK.  I am not, normally, a betting man.

However, I felt that I had to have a little gamble on the F1 Grand Prix season!!

The second practice session is over, and there's one more to go, before qualifying (which may or may not be completed when you read this!)

So, I logged onto William Hill (I've used them in the passed for the Grand National) and placed 2 bets.  Now, I'm not advocating gambling; but you're all adults, so I'm sure you can decide when is a good time to stop.

The first was for the Constructors Championship.  That one just had to go to McLaren.  The 'fun' about betting before the first race is - you never really know.  However, I've been a McLaren fan for years, and I couldn't bet against them.

The second was specifically for Jenson Button to win 5 or more Grand Prix during the season.  With a 19 race calendar ahead of us, I hope this is a fairly safe bet.  The reigning World Champion is in a Very Fast Car....

Betting now, before the racing gets under way, means the best odds - once the season starts, the prices will tumble and there will be little or no return.

Should both of these bets come off, I stand to win approx £500.

So, please keep your fingers crossed and the pedal to the metal.
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