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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monitor Update - The Truth Is Out

Back at the beginning of December I wrote about our acquisition of an electricity monitor.

At the time, people questioned why, but it seemed like a good idea to try to reduce our energy bills.

Well now the truth can be told.

This morning, the latest bill from E.ON popped into my mailbox; the first since we introduced the monitor, and I can happily say that we have saved just under £90.  This also takes account of slightly cheaper unit charges; however, when I re-calculated (no, I'm not an anorak, but it's important to get a real picture!) using the same charges it was £9 less.

So, a saving of £80 on the same quarter last year!
Which means that if this continued across the year, that's a magic £240 saved.

I should also add that we didn't become a slave to the monitor.  It's on view, and admittedly, in the first week or so, we were watching it and exclaiming how much we appeared to be spending.

In fact, we became more aware of what each appliance is costing.  The oven, washing machine, kettle, tumble-dryer, dish-washer are all money-draining device.

The monitor is still there, but now it's become habit to switch 'stuff ' off; glancing at the monitor every so often.

On it's own, the monitor won't save money.  It's the habits that it drives you to maintain, that does the trick.

The boys have taken to it as well; and they now turn off lights (and the TV) when they leave the room.

I'm sure we could do more, but at the moment I'm happy with the savings that have been made, and as the year progresses, and the evenings get lighter, there'll be less call on the lights and we'll naturally save more.
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